Tuesday Pick Me Up

I told myself 6 a.m. yoga would be a good idea last night, but I knew it wouldn't really happen. My body decided to naturally wake up at 5:15 and there seemed to be no other choice but to go. Tuesdays are usually a pretty good day. They aren't Monday, and they aren't hump day, but for me they are busyyyyy. Now that I've been awake for near 3 hours I'm thinking it's going to be okay. To keep the day along I have some links for a little Tuesday treat!
Queen B just being cool. Beyoncé makes Tuesdays a little better.

What food represents you? This food quiz will tell ya. I'm a sandwich which I don't really think is accurate, but take it and let me know what it says about you!
Blue, Blue and more Blue. Blue is popping up everywhere and I don't mind.
The Sugar Diet...now that's something I can get into.
A Life Size sequel. Every little girl's dream who grew up in the 90's.
Fancy fast food. This guy created a blog taking a fast food meal and using only the ingredients from the meal to recreate it into fancy food.
A free online video of my favorite workout. It only takes 10 minutes!
Awkward dating card. For all you in betweeners who don't know what to do with Valentine's day coming up.

Happy Tuesday!
xo annie