Bites of My Life

One week down with the new site design up! You guys probably aren't as obsessed with the new site as I am because it's a little weird to be obsessed with a website, but I still hope you love it. Thank you thank you thank you for all the sweet notes and compliments about the new site. This was a long time coming, so to finally see it in action is extremely exciting. Besides getting a fresh new look, this was just the motivation I needed for all things blog related. 

After the excitement from the new blog launch, my week went running downhill pretty fast. Nothing extravagant just several little things that built up to have a few crappy days in a row. Brushed it off toward the end of the week. Made a little extra cash turning my trash into others treasures, spent Friday night on the couch with Scandal on the DVR and an Irish coffee in hand, had the most fun with a packed house and full tummy on Saturday, and finished the week with a Thunder game!

-Monday morning the new Take A Bite went live and it was a hands in the air all day kind of day.
-First bite of the site was this recipe for Upside Down Pumpkin Crumb Cake
-Mushroom spaghetti squash with parmesan and herbs. On repeat for dinner twice last week and can't wait to make it again. Seriously so good and satisfying. Adapted from this recipe.
-With all the new happenings with Take A Bite, I threw it back to a super old recipe. Can't wait for leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make this again. 
-Did you catch my review of The Homemade Kitchen last week, as well as the recipe for some killer jambalaya?
-My favorite kind of lunch is easily a version of sweet and salty toast. This week was avocado toast with a poached egg and pumpkin butter toast with granola sprinkled on top. 
-Finally made it into Provision Kitchen. Stopped in for their Thanksgiving tasting and got to catch up with my favorite employee/best friend.
-After showing up Sunday to see they were closed, Dad and I redeemed ourselves with lunch Friday from the new sandwich shop in town!
-Hoestesses with the mostesses.
-Two words, Baked Havarti. My favorite dish out of all the cheese options to choose from.
-A full spread to celebrate a big birthday and an OU win! 
-It's not a true birthday celebration without a little cake. Skillet baked chocolate cobbler served with lots of ice cream. Used this recipe but baked it in a skillet instead!


New Season, New Blogs

New season, and new blogs on my radar. Some food blogs and some fashion/lifestyle or as one blogger describes her's, an "inspiration blog. I love that.

First up, My Name is Yeh. Pronounced Yay!!!, with lot's of exclamation marks! She's Chinese and jewish, uses code names of important people in her life and doesn't believe in capitalization. Not to mention her recipes all make me yell, YAY!!!

Some of my favorite recipes are her Pistachio Pop-TartsFunfetti Biscotti, Coconut Quinoa with Dates and Nuts (the recipe that put her on my radar), and Chicken with Apples + Chardonnay.

The Darling Detail is written by Jessi Afshin, lives in my new favorite city, Austin. A few "details" about Jessi: she has a crazy legit blog, she has amazing style, she is the production Assistant for Camille Styles (woah) and she's my age. She also wakes up at 5:45 ever morning to work on her blog. It's currently 6:47 a.m. so I sort of feel your pain, this isn't an everyday thing for me though.

Yeah...Immaeatthat. Kylie makes awesome sweet and savory healthy food that is still "crave-able." She wants to pursue a career intertwined with food without working in a restaurant (you and me both girl). She makes stellar sweets, veggie rich meals and also shares "what she eats every week" similar idea to my bites posts. My friend I interned with this summer showed me Kylie's site this summer and now we are in a constant game of sending screenshots of her dishes back in forth!

Some favorites are  Baked Apples Stuffed with Oatmeal Cookie GranolaSingle Serving Pumpkin Cinnamon RollsLess Slutty Brownie and her new Tea Latte post (perfect for my new tea kick!)

Mrs. Lilien, written by Kelley Lilien is a blogger, designer and author of the adorable, Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook. I love the way Mrs. Lilien formulates her posts. The graphics, colors and placement really sets her creativity apart from most blogs I read. They are crisp and impressive but still simple. Her aesthetic is to always keep the "Mrs." in mind, so you can expect every post to be tres chic! P.S. her current post on jumpsuits is on par. 

Lady and Pups-An Angry Food Blog. A misery outlet as the author likes to call it. L&P is the result of her move to Beijing and the anger it brings her. She has channeled her anger into delight through food. She is cynical, sarcastic and cooks some amazing food. 

Most dishes have an asian feel, but I love her recipes like The Saucy Marriage PieSea Salt Buttercream and Chocolate CupcakeMicrowave Sausage and Cheese Spaghetti  and Green Butter Grilled Oysters. She doesn't believe in measuring, but I don't either, her recipes are more of "guides." Don't let that scare you. Five seconds of looking at the photography on her site and you'll be sold.

Straight From Kate  is my newest read. I found her on Tuesday and had to add her to the list. Kate lives in Dallas where she ditched corporate world to pursue, well, anything. She is a photographer, freelance artist, creative and stud sugar cookie decorator so we obviously bonded on that. Since Straight from Kate is so new on my radar as well as new in the blog world, I look forward to seeing how she progresses it.

Sometimes you just need some new inspiration.