Bites of My Life

Fun fact, this is my 300th “bites of my life” post. 3-0-0 woah!

I had a great week which included a quick trip to Dallas to find an apartment (spoiler I found one!!), and early birthday party, a graduation party for one of my college besties and then all day Sunday spent with family and more importantly mom!


-Lemon Bar smoothie to kick off the week. Recipe by one of my new favorite instagram follows @weeknightbite!
-DIY flavored La Croix with the help of fruity essential oils.
-An OG TAB recipe post. These thai cashew lettuce wraps are always a crowd please and so easy.
-Down and back trip to Dallas on Thursday to go apartment shopping. I found the cutest place in walking distance to this delicious salad.
-I’ve spend the past year and half volunteering and serving on the young professionals board for a local non-profit, Cleats For Kids. Overwhelmed by their amazing staff who gifted me this cake for my upcoming move. I’m so inspired by them and the work they do.
-When half of your best friends all have birthday’s in May, you throw yourselves a joint birthday party!
-Patio hangs with my new little koala bff Hallie!
-No better smell or taste than homemade bread. This batch was gifted, but excited to learn from my sweet friend Teri so I can take bread making to Dallas!
-Crispy smashed potatoes for Mother’s day alongside smoked brisket by dad and this salad.