Bites of My Life

In preps for my move to Dallas, I’m donating, selling and throwing away or recycling everything in sight. I feel like I do a good job at seasonally cleaning things out, but it’s amazing how one can still accumulate so much over the span of just a few years. It’s interesting to see what can hold so much importance at one time in your life, but then one day it has no relevance. I guess it’s also just a realization that I’m moving from a 1,600 square foot house to 650 square foot apartment... I have Marie Kondo on my shoulder whispering “this doesn’t spark joy.” My purging is leading me to hold a garage sale in a couple weeks. If you are local, swing by!

Switching gears. I got home yesterday from a bachelorette party in Destin, Florida. A place I haven’t been since sophomore year spring break. Despite my memories of this beach town reminding me of drinking green apple Smirnoff Ice (for pleasure not as a dare), we had such a good weekend being back celebrating Bailey at the beach!


-Exhibit A of things that do not spark joy anymore - my extensive magazine collection. I had every issue of Bon Appetit saved from 2015. While I loved them at one time, they will be better used recycled into something more useful.
-I’m getting burnt out on my workouts, so I spent my mornings last week doing Melissa Wood Health’s online workouts paired with a 3 mile walk around my neighborhood. MWH’s goal is to create long lean lines in her 30 minute workouts.
-This recipe easily just got added into my usual rotation. I bought this red lentil pasta with no clear idea what I was going to do with it. Found this Half Baked Harvest recipe and it has magical powers that hides the fact that you are eating pasta made from lentils.
-Who else celebrated #NationalChocolateChipDay with Perfect CCC’s?
-Woke up Friday in Destin, Florida for my old friend Bailey’s bachelorette weekend. We walked down 30A to a cute beach cafe called Camille’s for a juice and avocado toast. The toast was just sourdough with mashed avo, salt, pepper and olive oil, but was so good.
-Beach besties!
-Golden hour in Destin.
-If you find me on a beach you can find me with a piña colada in hand!
-I Do donuts for a beach bachelorette breakfast!
-Not a cloud in the sky the entire weekend at the beach!
-Almost finished with this book after starting it on my plane ride to Destin. A coming-of-age book perfect for most 20-something girls. Purchase a copy here if you need a quick relatable read!
-If it’s green, it went in this salad. I was craving all the lettuce and veggies after a weekend of White Claws, Goldfish and pizza…