Bites of My Life

I mentioned last week that October is going to be a busy but fun month. Kicked off the fall festivities over the weekend with the big annual OU/Texas game. Everyone clears out of Oklahoma to head southbound to battle the Longhorns at the Cotton Bowl which takes place each year during the Texas State Fair. I’ve been going for years, but my friends and I couldn’t help but dwell that the weekend gets better with age. Home from the weekend and ready to tackle another jam packed week and weekend. Less than 3 months left of 2018, here’s to savoring the moments before the year is gone!

bites 272.jpg

-Wine in our grocery baskets: a new site for all Oklahomans. Last Monday marked the change of our alcohol laws in OK. We welcomed wine in grocery stores and cold beer in liquor stores with wide open arms. A stock up of two buck chuck was necessary to celebrate the change!
-Absolutely loved this meal from the Fall Reset I’m doing —> Cider Chicken: Chicken thighs, brussels sprouts and apples with a grainy mustard and apple cider sauce.
-Best day of the month is when my Bon Appetit magazine shows up in my mailbox!
-Homemade Chicken Vermicelli cooked up by my roomie’s boyfriend! We have started a routine of 1 out of the 3 of us cooking dinner once a week and rotating.
-Hey Ladies! I’m still reading over here and I’m really excited about this one I picked up last week!
-Rolled into Dallas for OU/Texas weekend around lunchtime on Friday. Steered my girlfriends to True Food Kitchen for lunch. I love it, they loved it. Antioxidant tea and the Seasonal Ingredient Salad for me!
-Fletcher’s Corny Dog for breakfast is an OU/Texas tradition!
-Corny dogs and fair beers had us tickled apparently.
-Nitrogen Ice Cream? Who’s had it? Cold and sweet finish to a hot (literally) and sour (game loss) day!


Web bite for the week: read this if you too pretend you are living inside a romantic comedy.