Bites of My Life

Last week I played babysitter, fashion blogger, travel blogger, food blogger, dog watcher, house-sitter, on top of my everyday marketer, foodie and friend. I’m not tooting my own horn, just acknowledging the many hats I’ve been wearing lately. And let me be honest, I’m really trying to hone in on how I can take off a few hats.

My motto for the last 3 months of the year is no. YUP. I’m saying no, no, no to anything extra I don’t need to add to my plate. More on all of this at another time, but even though I thought I loved being busy and multi-tasking. I don’t. What do you say more often? Yes or no?

bites 273.jpg

-Halloween vibes for breakfast. Last year, I wasn’t so keen on the pumpkin RXbars. This year they seem more pumpkin-y and more delicious. Anyone else?
-Little reading date with my girl! We sat like this and read about 15 books for an hour. She must of heard about my reading goal for 2018;)
-Got to play fashion blogger for the night at a Lululemon event promoting their extensive outerwear this season. We got personal shopping attention and got to go home with our favorite piece we tried on. This bomber is now my second skin.
-The first Avid Hotel in the entire world - in OKC! Fun morning last week at the grand opening for this new business concept hotel. More to come with Avid in a couple weeks.
-There has been quite a bit of love around my Perfect CCC’s recently. I’m so glad people beside myself are enjoying making them, but you really don’t know how cool it is to see other’s making a recipe you came up with and loving them as much as you. If you happen to make a batch of Perfect CCC’s, post them on instagram and tag me in it to see!
-Eggs and greens in bed for a restful start to Saturday. Photo bomb by my roommate for the week.
-Prettiest wedding for The Lemon’s inside the most epic wedding tent.
-I think we danced for 4 hours straight at #WhenLifeGivesYouLemons.
-Stuffed sweet potatoes on deck for the last week of the Fall Reset. My week is short and busy so for dinners I’m trying to clean out the fridge, but focusing on good and prepared lunches!


Extra bite: I’ve been listening to the Girls Night podcast by Stephanie May Wilson this past week. Stephanie and a girlfriend cover topics like dating, friendships, well-being and Jesus. I find myself saying YES! and PREACH IT GIRL, so many times while listening. SMayWilson is bringing the truth and I want you to hear it!