Bites of My Life

Many monumental moments last week. Our family grew as sis gave birth to the most perfect little girl. Elle Frances was born last Thursday and my whole family is in a baby comma of obsession. As the first grandchild on both sides, I only hope she can handle all the attention. Fun fact I gave Kat and JK the idea for her name last fall before they even knew they were pregnant. They kept the name a secret the whole 9 months and I burst into tears in the hospital when they finally revealed her name. Not to mention my middle name is also Frances, so we are basically twins now. 

Monumental moments part 2; we hosted our first concert at The Jones Assembly. To everyone's surprise we pulled it off without a hitch and now I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of our fall lineup. Life isn't slowing down, but only getting better with speed. 

-A turkey burger salad with a side of #GabetheBabe. 
-EnCroute twice in one week, because their avocado omelette has me crawling back for more. 
-I love these little 100 calorie chia bars by Health Warrior. The Mexican Chocolate flavor is new to me, but so delicious and perfect way to curb my sweet tooth. 
-All the veggies and hummus please, with a side of greek meatballs. 
-Recipe post finally!! Italian Chopped Salad perfect for a crowd, better for lunches. Get the recipe here. 
-Elle Frances Krenger 7.27.17, I'll never forget this day. 
-Work by day, dinner and drinks by night, all at The Jones
-When in doubt, #putaneggonit. 
-Better Than Ezra and The Wallflowers broke in the stage at our inaugural concert. 
-Embraced every bit of my Sunday with taking back to back yoga classes at Soul Yoga.
-Then enjoyed some squishy baby snuggles with my Elle girl.
-Rounded out the day with a Sunday sundae.