Bites of My Life

The whole fam damily was reunited this past weekend to celebrate Elle finally joining the party and oldest sis getting married! In Tucker fashion our weekend consisted of lot's of eating, with the addition of a family Cyclebar session and lot's of squeals and stares at the new kid in town (Elle). I love having the whole crew together! Before we are Brooklyn Bound for C & M's big day, a stop in Miami is on the horizon for a little bachelorette fiesta!

-Decided to go vegan, Monday through Friday morning. Why? For the pure reason to see if I could. Results. I ate so many carbs in replace for meat and dairy.  Will I do it again, probably not. Why until just Friday morning? Because like I said above, I knew our weekend would consist of some delicious eats I wasn't going to miss out on. 
-My oldest friend with my newest friend :) A special Monday indeed. 
-Had been on the hunt for the perfect modern but still vintage looking oriental rug. With the help of Libby's post, I scored this rug for my bedroom. Full room shot to come. 
-The strawberry almond milk from Wheeze 1. is delicious 2. is the prettiest shade of pink and 3. I'll by any healthy food that comes in the prettiest shade of pink.
-Exhibit A of all the carbs while going vegan. Will I go vegan again, no. Will I make this pasta again? 100% yes. Recipe can found here
-The best mornings are when I get a work out in early enough to still have time to enjoy a walk before work. Caffeine and company make it even better!
-Needing killer photos taken? Contact my girl Madi. Need a killer lunch or dinner spot? Visit us at The Jones Assembly
-If you haven't had the salmon ceviche at Barrios you are wasting your time. Whole 30 approved and the best dish eva. 
-Elle girl ready for some fun in the sun. 
-From Oklahoma to New York to Australia, it's time to get Claire and Mike married!
-Tucker Time in full affect.
-Today is sister's bday, but we celebrated yesterday while the whole fam was still in town with these waffles.


P.S. A big congrats to my girlie girl and blogging bestie Molly on she and William's engagement