Bites of My Life

I'm freezing. In regards to weather I haven't said that since probably last February. Woke up this morning for a Barre3 class and my usual walk. I had a sweatshirt on, but still had to make a stop at Starbucks for some tea to warm my insides up. It was so cold (57 degrees <--- I'll be laughing in a few months at this) and I loved it! 

-Been making this loaded salad like crazy lately. Full with seasonal produce like sweet potatoes, beets, avocado and honey crisp apples. Tossed with homemade pumpkin dressing (recipe)!
-Tuesday night lights watching sis's cheer girls and BIL's 8th grade footballers. They pride themselves on being the real life Tammy and Coach Taylor. 
-Post game froyo. Seasonal choices of PSL, snickerdoodle and pistachio.
-10 things I already love and 10 things I'm trying now that OKC's Trader Joe's is open. Did you see my post
-Get me out of the office and in to a coffee shop if you want me to really be productive. Lucky for me, my job allows that. 
-The sweetest little package, with the best surprise inside! I get to be a bridesmaid for for my Madeline and I can't wait!
-Geeked out when I saw this superfood turmeric, ginger and beet Larabar, but it kind of tasted like grass...
-How gorg is Nancy's version of my Pumpkin Green Smoothie? She is a smoothie bowl queen!
-Put a dent in my wallet, but couldn't be more excited to spend it on TJ goods!
-Beer tasting and my besties for a perfect Friday night. 
-Fair food should always come jumbo size and should always leave you with a stomach ache. This Indian Taco did just that. 
-Came for the Eli Young concert, stayed for the rodeo and silver bullets.