Pumpkin Green Smoothie

Basic betch coming atcha. The way girls go cookoo over pumpkin everything the second September hits is a little nuts. But, I can't help but fall into the trap myself. Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors and deserves a little attention after being looked over from January to August. 

I've made pumpkin smoothies before, but never a green version. The smooth creamy texture of this smoothie is everything and I know you'll love it! Packed with nutrients and the taste of pumpkin pie is a win win. Pumpkin is great for your immune system, eye sight, skin and digestion. It's packed with fiber and healthy nutrients. Throw it in your morning smoothie for that extra boost we all want and need. 

Pumpkin Green Smoothie
yields 1 smoothie

2 cups (or 2 handfuls) spinach
1/2 cup frozen mango
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1/4 avocado
1/2 tsp. fresh ginger (pinch of ground ginger if you can't get fresh)
1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
splash of vanilla extract
1/2 cup almond milk

Combine all ingredients in a high powered blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass and slurp it down!

I promise I won't go pumpkin crazy on you, but I'm sure this isn't the last of the pumpkin recipe posts. Pumpkin season is here!