Bites of My Life

January - I was fairly optimistic of you at the beginning of the week. A fresh new start, a new week, a new year, the whole shebang. Then I realized you stunk. I'm going to be pessimistic for a second. January is cold and gray. It effects our moods. Everyone is depressed coming off the holidays and a whole bunch of other things just make it not so great. I had one of those real world-I have no money-I want to do more with my life-stress pimples are all over my face-kind of break downs this week. 

The thing I've realized after, said number of these kind of meltdowns, is that I can feel them coming, and I know everything is going to be 100% fine if I just get it out of my system.

So January you suck, sorry you do. But now that I got it out of my system, we are turning you around. I'm trying really hard to kick my stress out the door and focus on what I want, what I need and how I'm going to make it happen. Friday was said "breakdown," then Saturday I woke up to a blanket of snow, so there ya go, things are already looking up!

-Monday got turned around real quick with an unexpected half day at work and my favorite falafel salad.
-The Bachelor is back and boy am I ready.
-Made this Crockpot Quinoa Chicken Primavera last week and I'm still noshing on it.
-A warm and toasty lunch during these freezing cold days.
-Week 1 down of the Barre3 challenge with my Barre3 buddy.
-India came to Oklahoma for the night with this tikka masala, recipe this week!
-Breakfast doubled as a snow day celebration and a cure from the night before.
-Still chocolate chip cookie testing, still haven't found "the one." 
-The Golden Globes and a barre3 challenge approved meal.