Bites of My Life

Last week was another great one. The weather reaching near 80 degrees pretty much had everyone in the mood to play all day instead of doing anything productive. Fine by me! 
School is really winding down for me (WOOHOO), so I am taking full advantage of the free time! I was complaining to my parents that I was kind of bored this past week because I didn't have much to do. How silly, complaining that I was bored, I should be celebrating!
I went another week with only getting a Bites post out, pathetic. I tried so hard to think of posts last week, but I was fresh out of creative ideas. School isn't getting in the way so that can't really be an excuse, so this week needs to be better.  With all of that being said, any suggestions for what you want to see on Take A Bite? I really want to switch up being so recipe heavy. Send suggestions please!
-Polenta Huevos Rancheros round dos. Monday night dinner on the couch while watching The Voice. I'm obsessed this season.
-Fight or flight? Always flight. A week night beer sampling on our favorite patio.
-I had an itching to bake and a craving for Easter candy. Baked some candy up into cookies then passed them out to all of my friends after I wound up with more than 6 dozen cookies. 
-The cutest little juice truck rolled up to campus this week. I'll be honest, it looks better than it tasted!
-Discovered my favorite mid-day snack-small handful of sesame sticks, raw sunflower seeds and raw pistachios! I've been stocking up from the big tubs of nuts at Sprouts then making my own mixes!
-Ate just about every meal outside this week. 
-Have y'all seen the instagram @ihavethisthingwithfloors? I found myself joining in on the selfeet!
-I feel the need to include at least one real picture to break up the food picture overload in my Bites posts, so here you go.
-More Easter baking! Sis and I whipped up this Lemon Lavender and Vanilla Bean pound cake for our Easter indulging. It was way more successful than the carrot cake catastrophe 2k13.
-Saturday night's dinner masterpiece. Can cross paella off the cooking bucking list.
-I somehow became my own Easter bunny this year, so I brought myself Ina's newest cookbook!
-Why we eat something with devil in the name on a holy day is beyond me, but wowza these deviled eggs rocked! Recipe c/o Joy the Baker.