Bites of My Life

Another week down, which means fewer weeks until graduation. I apologize for my bites post being so sentimental recently, but it's inevitable so just bare with me for a few more weeks. As more and more days pass I get more and more excited for what the real world holds and more and more sad to leave my favorite people. Big changes are coming my way, so for now I'm just going to keep soaking the present moment in. 
-Last formal of college:(
-Homeade Lavender Lemonade being enjoyed outside in this spring weather we've been having, recipe posted last week.
-The time of year has come where their are lots of lasts and few firsts. Glad I can snatch up all these last times with my best college friends. 
-Happy 20th birthday to the Starbucks frappuccino and happy 22nd to my bestie Meg!
-Spent all weekend outside celebrating a birthday, friends and perfect weather. Soaking up all the time we've got left together! 
-I've found it. The best coconut water. I can barely stomach regular coconut water but this one from Harvest Bay is so delicious! Perfect for post-workout, mid-afternoon or the morning after a fun night out.
-Just a casual run in with Mother Nature at Norman's finest Medieval Fair. Let's be real-I went for the food and people watching.