D.C. Diary: The Sequel

My adventure with D.C. didn't end this summer. Before I left I had already booked a ticket to go back a month later. The excuse for my visit was to attend the 10th anniversary of Go Bo, an amazing night full of food, friends, fun and most importantly, giving back. More on Go Bo here.


Friday morning included a much need visit with all of my SCOUT peeps, then that afternoon I got to hang out with the Georgetown University Grilling Society (GUGS). My friend I was staying with currently goes to Georgetown and talked all summer about how amazing these burgers are. The fact that they have a grilling club is legit, and their burgers are even more legit. I think I was the only there in a skirt, but I salted and sauced those burgers like a pro.

Took a darn big bite out of that GUGS burger and loved every minute of it. Full and happy, it was time to start primping for the party. 

The theme for Go BO this year was tacky wedding. From the Jordan almonds to ranch dressing fountain and numerous amounts of taffeta, everything was tacky to a T. My boss sure knows how to throw a party.

The whole event was held outside under a huge wedding tent. The fabulous band led to me dancing and sweating, and more dancing and sweating, for the majority of the night. 

'Twas the best night, with the best people, all for a great cause!

Now for some DC dining. I hadn't planned anything, very surprising, especially to myself. This summer I had reservations weeks in advance, but this time I was just so excited to get back I hadn't really thought about it. 

This doesn't mean I didn't treat myself to some fabulous district eats. Saturday brunch on 14th street with my girl Sav and Sunday brunch in Gtown with my little piece of home, Jillian. Savannah and I interned together and Jillian is my old family friend who is currently residing in D.C. 

Party-going on Friday and brunching on Saturday, left Sunday for an afternoon of exploring. My favorite part of D.C. is the scenery. I could walk the streets of Georgetown for hours snapping pictures of the beautiful row houses.


I just can't get enough of these old, painted shuttered, brick homes. Please o' please let me live in one of you someday.

'Till next time D.C.