Bites of My Life

-Ready for fall, but holding on to summer by snacking on a big juicy watermelon.
-Can't wait to dig into this cookbook c/o Blogging for Books!
-A getaway weekend back to D.C. calls for nothing but SCOUT bags to help me pack!
-So Georgetown U. has this incredible grilling club; I'm tossing around the idea of bringing it to OU because it is just too wonderful. I pretended to be a Georgetown student on Friday so I could chow down on one of their incredible GUGS (Georgetown University Grilling Society) burgers. 
-One tacky bridesmaid coming up! I've always loved a good theme party. 
-#GOBO2014, the point of my trip back to D.C. Best night getting dressed up in ridiculous outfits, eating and drinking tacky themed wedding food, and dancing and sweating with the SCOUT team.
-My free birthday drink. LOL at the time I signed up to be a gold member a few Septembers ago and thought it would be convenient to get a free drink that week. Starbucks does not let you change when you say your birthday is, so now I celebrate in May and September.
-MASA 14 brunch. Favorite area of D.C. and favorite meal of the weekend. Curry potato pancake, sautéed spinach, poached egg and chipotle hollandaise. 
-Sunday brunch at a Cafe Bonaparte. A frenchie spot in Gtown I wanted to try all summer. My egg and sausage crepe was the perfect finale to my weekend in the district; followed by shopping on M St. and picking up goodies from Trader Joe's and Baked and Wired!
A weekend well spent in my favorite place. Now for a week of sticking my nose in my school books to get caught up!
p.s. A return of D.C. Diary is happening tomorrow!