So like I mentioned yesterday, I've been thinking a little too much. I go through these spurts where my mind is rushed with all kinds of ideas. Sunday was one of those days. My thinking was going so deep that I was even thinking about my thinking. That sounded confusing, but basically I was overanalyzing everything. 

It's almost been a year since I started my blog. As much as I love it, sometimes I get frustrated. To be honest, I feel like I get judged for having a blog. I even judge myself for it. I'll catch myself tweeting or instagramming something that doesn't even sound like myself, but I saw another blogger do it so it seems like the cool thing to do. Blogs and bloggers have this stereotype that seems worthy to live up to. "Bloggertype" is what I like to call it. For some reason if you have a blog all of a sudden you have to start posting birds eye view shots of you holding your daily Starbucks, the "fresh blooms" on your desk, and your new "baubles." You have a gallery wall in your house, post your "favorites" from around the web, do nail DIY's and sign the end of your blog XO. The bloggertype causes a stereotype for having to post things on social media or your blog to express this lavish life you may actually live or just make others perceive you live. 

Although I truly like doing most of those things sometimes I just do it to withhold the blogger standard. First off, I don't know why I sign the end of my blog XO, I don't ever say that in real life. It seemed cute in the beginning but it's just not me. I think we all know I love food, so yes I may fall into the bloggertype of taking foodgrams, but I did that way before I had a blog. I guess what I'm saying is that as much as I love my blog and the way I can use it to express myself, I'm not always being true to myself. I'll do something just to categorize myself into the "blogger" stereotype. 

My weekly "Bites of My Life" post are my favorite posts to write. A few months ago I felt like they were starting to become to much of a yearbook of my life where I was just posting pictures of my friends and I from the past week. I though to myself, I need to start taking more "blogger" like pictures to post. Uhhh no. If I want to post pictures of my friends and I because that's what I spent most of my week doing than I should. I shouldn't let this pressure of the "bloggertype" overshadow what I really want to post. 

You may judge me for my blog or think some of the things I post about silly or don't make since, but the truth is I think that too sometimes. Blogging is kind of awkward so bear with me. I'm not saying I'm going to stop posting recipes or some of my favorite recent fashion trends or products I love. Just know when I post about something from now on it's because I really care about it. 

My re-evaluating has me wanting to be more honest with myself and others. I want to stop comparing myself to the bloggertype and be my own kind of blogger. Being truthful to what I want and care about. This post resulted to be a big sappy pity post, but lets just go with it.