What I'm Listening To

First off, thank you for all the support on the blog yesterday. I had various people comment and share how they feel the same way or just enjoyed reading my post. It's amazing how rambling your feelings can make you feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. Again I apologize if you aren't into the whole "feelings" thing and you had to sit through my rambling. It just has to happen sometimes.

Second off, today I’m sharing my recent song obsession. "What I'm Listening To" is one of my favorite themed posts. I'm not a music junkie but I randomly get obsessed with songs. I’ve always been an Eli Young Band fan and when a friend told me about their new album, 10,000 Towns, I immediately made a playlist on Spotify.

Download the new album because I know you’ll love it. Then you have to tell me what your favorite song is.

P.s. You can see what else I've listened to by clicking the "what I'm listening to" link at the end of this post or by searching "what I'm listening to" in the search bar on the left hand side.