Bites of My Life

It's the last day of March and we are starting to get in to the thick of spring. I love spring. I love the warm weather, the blooming flowers and the way it pulls you out of your winter blues. Although, spring is always a stressful time of year. A billion activities always come up, mostly fun, but time consuming. Then my motivation tends to go out the window right at the time every teacher decides to give a last minute test or make an assignment due. 
I'm forcing myself to do a spring spruce up this week. Not like cleaning out my closet or buying fresh flowers like all those Pinterest spring to-do lists tell you, but just to do a check-up. This is about the time New Years resolutions start slipping and I feel like I'm just letting things happen instead of being active about things. With spring in full swing, I'm checking up on myself and making sure I recommit to my goals I made at the beginning of the year. Am I focusing on only doing things I love? Am I seizing the day or insuring I turn my bad moods in to good moods? 
Like I said earlier, spring is always a busy time of year. Last week was show week. My sorority and I were paired up with a fraternity to create a 12 minute singing and dancing show. All last week we had final practices then shows 3 nights a week. It was busy, but such a blast. I also celebrated one of my best friends 21st birthday's and had mom in town for mom's weekend. A relaxing sunday and cookout with friends ended the week. Now let's get April started.
-The little things in life really just get me sometimes and the new pink La Boulange coffee sleeves Starbucks is using just makes me so happy. I'm a girl, I like pink, so be it. 
-Took the audience back to 1789 as we performed our show based during the French Revolution. "DU and KKG, long live the king!"
-21st birthdays are too fun. HBD Megs!
-Love celebrating momma on Mom's Weekend in Norman!
-The components of Sunday night's cookout. We tried to be fancy with our shell mac and cheese and brie and guacamole burgers. 
Sorry for the lengthy text. When I get to thinking I feel the need to tell y'all everything on my mind. 
xo annie