Bites of My Life

Hi spring!! You bring so much new life! Literally and figuratively. I could really feel spring this week, anyone else? It's like this weight of winter kind of lifts away. I love how the way we eat, gather and spend our time changes in the spring. And any season for that matter. Just the pep I needed in my step after feeling pretty stagnant lately.  

bites 246.jpg

-An archived post refurbished! Loved this update version of "What's In My Bag" that I posted last week!
-New Garden Salad coming to the spring menu at The Jones. 2 words. Biscuit. Croutons.
-Clean out the fridge meal number 1 of the week. Shaved brussels sprouts with lemony hummus dressing, jalapeños and toasted pine nuts. 
-Clean out the fridge meal number2, and my favorite go-to clean out the fridge meal = shakshuka. This Italian version was bon appetitio! Just marinara sauce, 2 eggs, torn basil and some pesto!
-Bribing my church community group with perfect CCCs in case they didn't like the meal I made during our cooking class (more on that later this week).
-Happy baby!
-Have y'all tried Lesser Evil Snacks? LOVE their healthy popcorn. Use the code SpringLE to get 10% off. Locally can be bought at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers. 
-WWE or Kathleen, Chloe and Annie walk into a boxing gym???
-Sunday morning brekkie! With my favorite soft boiled egg cups that make me feel fancy!



What's In My Bag?


I've always loved those articles in magazines "what's in their bag," that give you a peak inside what a celebrity carries in their purse. Maybe it's creepy that I enjoy knowing what somewhere totes around all day, but I'm also the weirdo that loves knowing what's in someone's fridge. It says a lot about a person.


Purse: Who What Wear Mini Shopper

Snacks: RX Kids bar, these are the best purse size snack. I try to always have a bar or baggy of nuts in my car or purse. #alwayspacksnack I also often have tea bags in my purse and work bag. It's an easy way to cure the mid-day slump and cure my issue of always being cold. 

Brush: Conair mini brush. The one thing that is ALWAYS in my purse, and always gets transferred from day to evening bag too. A quick brush through your hair can really make you feel better.

Sunglasses: Cheaper than cheap from Forever 21. Despite the fact that I have a really good track record with sunglasses, I still can't bring myself to spend money on them. These were $3. 

Meds: Epi-pen, inhaler, Benadryl, allergies are fun! 

Gum: Extra Spearmint, each piece eaten in 1/3s cause I'm a freak. But hey, it makes a pack last almost 3 weeks, but the amount of gum wrappers I accumulate are uncanny. 

Lips: e.l.f Aqua Beauty Lip Stain in Dewy Berry and Rouge Radiance (creates this watercolor type lip stain that I love), Glossier coconut balm dotcom, MAC lipstick in twig, and Dior Addict Lip Glow (the coolest lip stain that enhances your natural lip color). 

Wallet: Mine is a discontinued style from SCOUT bags, but I love their stuff so much, find similar options here

This post idea originated back in the fall of 2014 when I was a senior in college. See my first "what's in my bag" here. Honestly not much has changed, at all. Same gum, similar wallet, cheap sunglasses, bright blue purse, and the same pink snakeskin hair brush is still going strong 4 years later. Is that gross?

What's in your bag?


What I'm Listening To

Wednesday last week I posted up at Starbucks to GSD. It was pouring rain, it was hump day, I had a green tea in hand, and Starbucks was killing the mood playlist. I love a good rainy day playlist that gets all the vibes going. Cue ILYSB comes on.

The song was familiar, but I had no idea who sang it or what it was called. I'm not one to ever really listen to the words of a song or pay attention to the title of it. Shazam works wonders for people like me. Found out it was ILYSB (I love you so bad) by LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee). This group loves a good acronym. Annnnnyway, I added it to my Spotify and have listened to it over and over and over since. I'm just a few listens short of being completely sick of it. I linked the live version above, but you can find ILYSB on itunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. 


What's in My Bag?

At work this summer I did a blog series called "Bag in a Bag in a Bag." It was one of my favorite posts, getting to show off SCOUT bags and the different kinds of products you would carry in each bag. Today I'm doing my own version of the bag in a bag post!


I carry a big ole periwinkle bag that is slightly obnoxious, but I love it. Inside I keep very simple essentials like sunglasses, gum, a makeup bag and car keys. 

My purse is the Rebecca Minkoff Jules Satchel and my wallet is SCOUT's Cash-N-Carry, it's seriously the best wallet to switch from big purse to little purse, every girl needs one. I got my "I Live To Eat" makeup bag in NYC at Chelsea Market, but found the girl and all of her funny saying canvas bags on Etsy! Inside I keep Revlon's lip stain, Chapstick original and a sample of Bond No. 9 Hudson Yards perfume. My sunglasses are cheap polarized aviators (similar style below) and my camera is a Sony cybershot. The version I have is discontinued but I have a similar one listed below. I recommend it to everyone. My other essentials are Extra spearmint gum, a purse size brush and a huge tassel key chain so I can keep track of my keys in my big bag!


Now for what my purse really looks like when I dump it out. Gum wrappers, bobby pins, my Epi-Pen and a mess of other random things.