What's in My Bag?

At work this summer I did a blog series called "Bag in a Bag in a Bag." It was one of my favorite posts, getting to show off SCOUT bags and the different kinds of products you would carry in each bag. Today I'm doing my own version of the bag in a bag post!


I carry a big ole periwinkle bag that is slightly obnoxious, but I love it. Inside I keep very simple essentials like sunglasses, gum, a makeup bag and car keys. 

My purse is the Rebecca Minkoff Jules Satchel and my wallet is SCOUT's Cash-N-Carry, it's seriously the best wallet to switch from big purse to little purse, every girl needs one. I got my "I Live To Eat" makeup bag in NYC at Chelsea Market, but found the girl and all of her funny saying canvas bags on Etsy! Inside I keep Revlon's lip stain, Chapstick original and a sample of Bond No. 9 Hudson Yards perfume. My sunglasses are cheap polarized aviators (similar style below) and my camera is a Sony cybershot. The version I have is discontinued but I have a similar one listed below. I recommend it to everyone. My other essentials are Extra spearmint gum, a purse size brush and a huge tassel key chain so I can keep track of my keys in my big bag!


Now for what my purse really looks like when I dump it out. Gum wrappers, bobby pins, my Epi-Pen and a mess of other random things.