What I'm Listening To

Wednesday last week I posted up at Starbucks to GSD. It was pouring rain, it was hump day, I had a green tea in hand, and Starbucks was killing the mood playlist. I love a good rainy day playlist that gets all the vibes going. Cue ILYSB comes on.

The song was familiar, but I had no idea who sang it or what it was called. I'm not one to ever really listen to the words of a song or pay attention to the title of it. Shazam works wonders for people like me. Found out it was ILYSB (I love you so bad) by LANY (pronounced Lay-Nee). This group loves a good acronym. Annnnnyway, I added it to my Spotify and have listened to it over and over and over since. I'm just a few listens short of being completely sick of it. I linked the live version above, but you can find ILYSB on itunes, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.