Bites of My Life

Last week was a good one. It was a relaxing short week in D.C. before my roommates and I headed to New York for the weekend! We got to see some good friends, I got to see my sister for the second weekend in a row and we ate, did and accomplished a lot.  
-I love taking the long way home after work either roaming through the Georgetown neighborhood streets or popping in and out of stores. I browsed through Jonathan Adler the other day and I was in visual appeal heaven. My eyes were so happy because everything was so pretty. 
-Tuesday night I finally got to try Matchbox when the sweetest Oklahoma momma was in town! She took one of my roommates and I out to dinner, but most importantly dessert. The donuts were highly suggested by our waiter so we obliged. The coffee and kahlua dipping sauce was the perfect companion. 
-I have been using the same notebook for all of my internships and jobs over the past year. My sweet boss gifted it to me last summer, but I finally filled all of the pages. I picked up this Kate Spade rosebud one at Paper Source to replace it.
-I discovered the best kept secret in town last week. My favorite D.C. restaurant, Farmers Fishers Bakers not only serves up amazing brunch, lunch and dinner, they also have a simple breakfast menu M-F 7:30 to 10. I popped in after an early morning Barre3 class to get the steel cut oats with vanilla bean cream and a coffee to go! I am clearly obnoxious with my foodgrams but it was all worth it when my favorite D.C. food Instagram (@dcdining) regrammed me. 
-You guys know my love for Mediterranean food and it just so happens we have the best little spot right across from our dorm. Roti is similar in style to Chipotle where you go through the line adding various toppings to your bowl or wrap. I got half and half chicken roti and falafel salad with hummus, spicy red sauce, eggplant, couscous, tomatoes, pickled slaw and onions!
-We got to NYC a little after lunch time. Milk Bar was first on my list of things to do, so after meeting up with my Milk Bar-loving friend and her boyfriend, I indulged in some cereal milk ice cream and an ice coffee with cereal milk (my new obsession). A corn cookie and blueberry cream cookie were purchased to-go!
-I loved getting to see all of my New York working girls! Kudos to Katie, Rosemary, Nicole and Alex for an incredible weekend! 
-$1 pizza is just a must. 
-The whole New York gang after one of the more interesting meals I've ever experienced. 
-Saturday morning we had brunch at a club. Okay so not exactly, but the blaring music and dimmed lights made it seem that way. Chilaquiles, s'mores french toast and bottomless bellinis were scarfed down to the beat of Ke$ha and Adriana Grande. A strange, but amazing brunch. 
-Spent the afternoon at The Standard Hotel, sipping and catching up with one of my best friends. 
-Kept the merriment going with a dinner date just the two of us at the beautiful General Assembly. I ordered the citrus salmon after our fresh ricotta dip to start!
-Wondered around the West Village Sunday morning. I don't know D.C., New York had you rivaled this weekend.
-A belated birthday brunch at The Dutch with sista Claire and Mike! Soft scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for me! 
-Rounded out the weekend with a popsicle in Central Park. 
Cheers to incredible past week. My mind is running in circles on what and where I want to be in the next year. I feel so lucky to have been having so many amazing experiences this summer, but it makes it that much harder to decide what I really want to do in the future!

From One City to the Next: NYC Weekend

Today I'm leaving the district for a quick getaway to New York City! I have a handful of friends working in the city that I can't wait to visit! I love how I can just hop on the Mega Bus and be there in a few short hours! The East Coast is cool like that. 
image via the wonderful Evelyn Henson Art
First stop will most likely be Milk bar for some cereal milk ice cream, then lot's of other yummy food can follow. I'm sure there will be plenty of NYC weekend instas to keep y'all annoyed. 
Here's to taking a bite out of the Big Apple!


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