Bites of My Life

Coming off an extended weekend back in Oklahoma City full of work, lots of family time, lots of food and two, 2nd birthdays. I headed north on I-35 last Wednesday. I was greeted by my two favorite little nieces and my long lost New York sis. The main reason bringing me home was for my monthly visit back to headquarters for work and to help with our Jones Assembly 2nd anniversary party needs. It worked out perfectly with Claire’s visit home, Elle’s 2nd birthday, a wedding shower, a new restaurant opening, and a great summer weekend. I didn’t get back to Dallas until Monday around lunch and I’m still trying to get back in the swing of things.


-I met Molly and Paige through the same outlet but at separate times. They have both been in Dallas much longer than I, but now that we are all in the same city together a meet up was necessary. And by meetup I mean getting our butt’s in shape at Paige’s cycle class. If you are in Dallas and haven’t made it to Class Studios yet you are missing out.
-My favorite clean-out-the-fridge meal. Working on putting this into a recipe post, so look forward to that!
-Two people I miss the most in the same photo! Loved loved having Claire home and getting to see Elle Belle!
-Sister blow-outs because why not?
-New amazing OKC restaurant alert! Run don’t walk to Frida. Was so glad we got a reservation in during their first week open.
-Oh I just really love time when we are all together! Not pictured John our photographer, and dad out chauffeur parking the car ;)
-The real reason I was home was to help finalizing planning and set up for our 2nd Anniversary party at The Jones Assembly. It’s crazy how two years can seem like 10- ha!
-Original crew all together for the weekend and it was a great one!
-When in OKC, brandy ice’s are a must. We stopped by my #3 spot (Michael’s Grill) Saturday night. You can see my brandy ice run down here.
-Staying at mom and dad’s now is legit like being at a hotel. My bathroom had a robe, slippers, cotton squares and lotion all waiting for my arrival!
-Two years old and cuter than ever!
-Not my funfetti cake recipe, but sis nailed it with this three-layer for Elle’s birthday!