Bites of My Life

Happy fall! I had a really good first fall weekend taking it easy in preparation for a busy month ahead. After a successful Randy Rogers concert at The Jones Friday night, Saturday was spent relaxing, getting errands done and hanging out with two of my faves, Stacia and Taylor. We opted against heading down to Norman for the OU game and I couldn’t have had less fomo. It’s nice to say no sometimes and I’m working on doing it more and more when necessary.

bites 269.jpg

-Tried out egg cups for breakfast last week and actually really like them. It always kind of weirded me out to bake eggs then microwave them the next morning. But after making a breakfast casserole last weekend I had that ah ha moment that it’s essentially the same thing just in mini form. I did eggs, spinach and mushrooms with a little mustard powder baked at 375 for 20 minutes.
-A little work happy hour to celebrate our employees and our new office!
-Current Reads: Everybody Always by Bob Goff (reading this with my bible study) and Read Bottom Up (read this in 24 hours, a record for me). If you are, like me, out there in the millennial dating world, I highly recommend this hilariously accurate depiction of what it’s like to date/have a relationship in this day and age. See what else I’m reading on GoodReads.
-Jumped in on the celery juice trend hard this past week. After seeing Lauren Scruggs (and many others) posting all about it and it’s health benefits, I decided to give it a whirl. $8 at Whole Foods later and here’s hoping my digestion makes a turn for the best!. Check out this article to read more about the celery juice benefits.
-Recipe post for this Kale Quinoa Salad was posted last week. Did you see it? Did you make it? Did you love it?
-Tour de Taqueria with Pops continues! We took a 2-week hiatus while we were on vacation, but jumped back in, this week at El Fogoncito. After ordering two different kinds of tacos to find out they were out of those meats (eye roll), my tacos still came out good. We’ve been to better, but glad to have checked El Fog off the list.
-Love starting my Sunday morning with a window spot at Barre3. Sunday morning classes at B3, in my opinion, always have a slower and more restorative feel to them, and a playlist to match. I LOVE the window spot and love it even more when it’s raining or drizzly out like it was yesterday.
-Grocery Haul to prep for the “Fall Reset” I’m partaking in. Two girls I love in OKC, one a registered dietitian, the other a personal trainer and cycle instructor have teamed up to bring this month long reset program! Follow along with me as I reset via my instagram stories and highlights!
-After seeing a photo someone posted of red beans and rice from the Oklahoma State Fair this past week, I immediately texted my mom asking if she would make them. I have vivid memories of my mom making red beans and rice every Halloween growing up. We would have a big bowl before heading out to trick-or-treat. My dad calls it prison food, I call it delicious.