Bites of My Life

This time of year, and especially this past week, had me thinking back to college and school in general. My roommate is a teacher and has her "first day of school" on Wednesday. I've been out of school for three years now (mind-blowing), but I still feel a sense of back-to-school, come early fall. 

With three trips to Norman, OK in the past week and a trip to Dallas to celebrate my first college friend, those four wild years seem to be heavy on my brain recently. Something I wouldn't want to go back to, but and crazy thankful for all the memories, lessons and friendships made. Anyone else reminisce this time of year?

bites 265.jpg

-Back at Commonplace for a lunch with my oldest friend while she's in town post- Bar exam and pre- DC living! 
-Read this one in 3 days. If you went through recruitment, this book is a hilarious dramaticized, yet accurate depiction of what goes on in the greek system.
-Lunch board is B A C K! couldn't find figs in the store yet, so opted for these cherry plums from TJ's. Taste like a plum but have the pit and similar size of a cherry.
-KKG till we DIE. Back at our favorite house for Alumni Night!
-Okie Southern Salad recipe got posted last week. Loved how this summer salad turned out.
-Popped up and ready to shop! Check out these two entrepreneur friends of mine! Earrings and orchids, take your pick.
-Detox tea, sleep well spray and my book of the week. Sleeping gooood these days.
-Always thankful when we get the group back together! Especially when we get to celebrate our Marge!
-Cutest two, soon to say I Do!


P.S. In the midst of my reading frenzy, I created a Goodreads account, follow me!