Bites of My Life

By the looks of this bites post, apparently my week was full of lots of colorful. More color than a typical mid-January week. Thinking about it I guess my week was pretty colorful!

I took a little hiatus from my personal instagram account over the past week. I cut the ties last Sunday evening after realizing I had spent a majority of my day idolizing over images, people, and lives displaced on the the app. About 6 days clean of being sucked into the social media world and getting to be more present in the real world. It was fantastic and I challenge you to do the same by taking a week off. My week was still full of pretty images and experiences, but I was really living them. 

-I made parmesan garlic roasted brussels sprouts Whole 30 approved. Ask and I'll tell you how ;)
-Then I made parmesan crusted salmon Whole 30 approved. I'm basically a magician.
-Grapefruit with fresh rosemary and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Bon Appetit told me to. 
-The new version of my go to apple and almond butter. Apple, turmeric, cinnamon, sumac and tahini. BOOM.
-The gals I've known the longest all together for a euro inspired dinner before Anna headed back to UVA Law.
-Remember my favorite salad in the city I gushed about here? It was lunch on Friday and I was the happiest.
-Killer Whole 30 approved shrimp scampi with the new issue of BonApp!
-Got to play around my kitchen last week while my talented friend Katie made it look somewhat professional. More from KGC Photography to come!
-Crispy fried eggs cooked up in my cast iron skillet using this method
-Eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch, why not?
-Cooked up a freaking storm yesterday. Three new recipe posts are coming atcha soon! P.S. you are looking at crock-pot basil curry chicken!
-A What's Gaby Cooking inspired salad was my contribution to Sunday night dinner at mom and dads.