Bites of My Life

Poor Oklahoma weathermen are wiping their tears after predicting an ice apocalypse that was supposed to hit our state over the weekend, but decided to come in the form of a light drizzle instead of an ice storm. After packing the grocery stores and gas stations in preparation, us Oklahomies were actually able to step outside our houses this weekend. Thank goodness, because after the holidays and being cooped up in the snow two weekends ago, I'm going stir crazy of just sitting on my couch.

This past week was full of lots of spiralized vegetables (duh), lots of Whole 30 bites, and some not so whole 30 approved moments...oops! Just keeping it real! On that note, Whole 30 hasn't been so fantastic this go around. I haven't felt any positive changes, and I'm a little bumski. Hoping for a good feeling week this week! Are you doing W30? How has it been going for you?

-Monday morning eggs and a never ending to do list.
-A serious "clean out the fridge" salad that got so many questions and comments on my insta story about how good it looked. Funny how nothing can really be something! 
-New favorite Whole 30 snack. Celery sticks and tahini, preferably straight from the jar. 
-My first cheat on Whole 30. I'm sorry, but it was for a good reason. Keep reading to see why.
-Despite my cheating by drinking alcohol it was paired with a W30 approved snack of plantain chips and salsa.
-The booze and snacks all came while recording my second appearance on the local podcast, OKC Over Easy. I don't want to give away much, because you can get all the details by listening to our episode here.
-Made a riff on Barre3's Golden Milk Smoothie and it's seriously insane. My recipe is on instagram, but I think I need to perfect it into a recipe post. Do you agree?
-Last week's spiralized culprit, the sweet potato. 
-My Turmeric Chicken Zoodle Soup made it's way to the blog!
-Load the bowl, for a loaded bowl lunch.
-Who else's favorite part for going out for Japanese is the carrot ginger dressing on the house salads? I love it so much I recreated it in a recipe post a while back. 
-Sunday morning consisted of shooting these gorg brunch items. Coming soon here; one of the restaurants from our collective at The Social Order.