How to Drink More Water During Colder Months

I am a cold person. Always cold, always bringing a jacket, always asking people to turn the air off or roll the windows up in a car. I drive my car with the seat heaters on the second October hits. I love the cold weather, but I have to to face it with preparation otherwise I ain't digging it. 

Cold water is about the last thing I want to sip on when it's 40 degrees out. Although, it is equally important to stay hydrated in the winter as it is the hot summer months. Cold air dries out our skin and can dehydrate you. I read even if you aren't sweating water vapor can escape through your breath, leaving you dehydrated. Drinking water is great for your kidneys, maintaining your appetite, and flu and cold prevention. I've found a couple ways to help me stomach the H2O when the weather gets as cold as my ice water. 

1. You've probably read it before, but hot lemon water is such a good way to start your day. Not only is it detoxifying and great for your skin, it's the perfect warm drink to pull you out of bed on a cold morning. I go through 1- 2 lemons a week and just cut them into 1/8s and store them in a container in my fridge. Each morning, I wake up squeeze a lemon into a mug, add water and microwave it for 2 minutes. I frequently will do it throughout the day when I'm shivering over my computer and can't stomach a glass of cold water.

2. Seasonal flavored water. I love adding fruit or mint to my water in the summer. I often keep a big pitcher in my fridge and refill it through the week. Right now I'm doing the same but changing up my usual lemon, and cucumber to a combo of orange and cloves. I cup the oranges up in wedges, dot the slices with whole cloves and throw a few extra in as well. I love how my cup of water has this vague holiday taste to it! Makes it much easier to sip down when it gets me in the holiday spirit!

Drinking herbal teas is another way to stay hydrated when plain water just won't cut it! Any tips on how you stay hydrated in the winter? Please share so we can all #takeasip together!