Bites of My Life

Lots of fall cooking and recipes and an uninvited kitchen injury to pair. Last week was busy yet passed by slow. With this being the last week of the month I have an inkling it will buzz by. Here's to hoping so, yet also holding on to time as the best time of the year arrives. 

-Love my days when I work from home. I get my space all set up with work materials, drink essentials (TJ's matcha mix), and visual inspiration like The Scout Guide that just made it's launch in OKC.
-It's pumpkin bread season and I shared my family's recipe last week.
-Also shared this family favorite of Sausage Tortellini Soup which I happily enjoyed all week!
-Fig jam, prosciutto, parmesan and apple open face sammy. Unfortunately this lunch turned into this...
-One swipe of the apple on the mandoline, led to a swipe of my thumb on the mandoline. It was a bloody Thursday to say the least. 
-Picked this seasoning up on a whim and I'm putting it on everything!
-My dad and I have been going to a local chili cook-off together for the past 3 years. It's one of my favorite events of the fall. We decided next year is the year I enter!
-Cheers to brandy ices and being the youngest at the bar by 40 years.
-Dressed like a pig and ran (walked) a 5K. Just your average Saturday.
-Sunday got off to a lazy start while staying in bed then enjoying a pumpkin green smoothie bowl for a late breakfast. 
-Sunday prep for this week's dinner. Keeping on my soup game with this butternut squash soup. 
-When dad smokes ribs, I (and Gabe) come running.