Bites of My Life

So it was like 65 degrees everyday in Oklahoma this past week, not okay. Where is the snow and the brisk winter days? I'm boycotting and still wearing cozy sweaters and drinking hot chocolate. I've got the holiday spirit running through my bones. Cookies, treats, presents, happy hours and holiday parties. Keep it coming Christmas. 

-Eating cookies for breakfast is totally acceptable with all the holiday treats lying around.
-Jumping on the persimmon bandwagon and adding them to my morning oats, although, still on the fence about them.
-Not many things get me going in the morning like a warm cup in the a.m.
-You can't miss these Merry Berry Scones. The flavor combo is unreal. 
-The outside is almost as important as the inside!
-So proud of sis and her new job, already kicking butt one tailored suit at a time.
-If you haven't tried tahini in your smoothie, it's time to take a walk on the wild side.
-All the veggies.
-A swanky Saturday with the best of people.