Bites of My Life

I'll be honest, I'm putting together this post as fast as I can so I can get my eyes off the computer. It's currently Sunday night, I'm laying on my couch with my computer on my stomach, the Emmy's in the background and a raging migraine in my head. This little sucker arrived around lunchtime and has yet to leave. What a way to end a week. 
On the brighter side, it was a great week. Two new restaurants crossed off my list, a little birthday celebration for my Lindz, and lots of feelings of fall. Not pictured is the incredible new yoga classes I got to try, a softball win for the work crew and the much needed rainy Sunday we had.
-Just one part of our amazing meal at OKC's newest spot.
-Everything A Good Egg Dining touches is gold.
-Late night appetizer dinner.
-Latte a day keeps the doctor away.
-I really wish I wasn't that person, but I am.
-Checked another new spot off my list. Must try the cubans from Cafe Condesa.
-No monkeying around. Tucking this recipe away to save for another day.
-Breakfast tailgates FTW.
-Sunday supper in front of the TV to wind down before a new week.