Bites of My Life

I didn't even realize how many amazing bites I had last week until I put today's post together! Blondies, breakfast toast, calamari, burrata and peach board, the best fried chicken and an excellent croque madame are all pictured. The Campbell's lentil soup (not pictured) eaten on the couch in my pajamas while watching Bachelor in Paradise wasn't so bad either. 
I leave Wednesday for California and I'm itching to get out of town for a few days! If you have any Newport Beach/Laguna Beach recommendations please send them. I'm already planning on stalking LC, Lo, Kristen and Stephen's frequented places but I could use some more ideas.
-A little something something for my morning drink. Drank plain it tasted like a milkshake!
-Up close with the salted caramel situation that happened in my Fig Blondies posted last week!
-Doesn't get better than this. 
-Loved getting to share Keercha with you guys last week. Don't forget to order your sandals (15% off for TAB readers)!
-Excellent fried calamari and sister time at the new Tommy's.
-A summer picnic a la Packard's! Peaches, burrata, pesto, country ham and toast.
-Fried chicken, okra and good company always makes the trip to Oklahoma's oldest bar worth it.
-Obsessed with our new fringe friends. Oldest sis and mom also have one, we are so embarrassing and can no longer go in public together anymore.  It's like the Juicy flats circa 2006 all over again. 
-Such a lovely brunch celebrating my sweet Yelp bosslady and her baby on the way. The croque madame from Bonjour is a win.