Bites of My Life

Packed, worked, moved, golfed, ate, swam, shopped, brunched, and squeezed in a little sleep. A super busy week full of long (but fun) work days and getting settled into my new house. The week really flew by, and the weekend came in at full force! Marge and Meg came up to OKC and it couldn't have been better. 
I'm exhausted from all the festivities, but not complaining. I've said it before but I'll say it again, post grad life aint so bad. Now it is the week we've been waiting for all summer, wedding week! Kat gets married Saturday and I can't wait any longer! Just a three day work week for me then it's wedding wedding wedding! Bites is going to be so good next week. 
-Started the 2nd week of the #barre3anywhere challenge on a green note.
-Turned our ribeye leftovers into a steak salad with grilled onions, zucchini, blue cheese, homemade horseradish dressing and a drizzle of balsamic.
-An almond butter drizzle on my yogurt cause you can never have to much AB. 
-Thank you to all who entered the Beaded by W giveaway! Reagan be looking for your bracelet in the mail this week.
-Move in day finally came and I am smitten with how adorable my new baby rent house is!
-Happy housewarming with homemade guac and Coronas from our girl Goldie!
-Topgolf friends and family night was in full swing Friday. Gearing up for opening this weekend!
-Taco stop on Saturday. A crazy combo of chicken, sausage, pico, queso and potatoes.
-Not all living in the same state is getting easier with all our reunited weekends!
-Belted and danced with sis at Pat Green.
-Finally checked Waffle Champion off my restaurant bucket list. It won me over. 
-Watermelon ice cubes!