And the Oscar Goes to...

First things first, print off your Oscar ballot.
Take a look at past "Best Actress" winners gown's with this infographic. I'll always remember Hilary Swanks navy backless dress in 2005 and Halle Berry's brown mesh and adorned dress from 2002.
Pop the champagne or pour your self a glass of wine. Use this drinking game to know when to take a sip.
Now for the food. With the Grammys, Super Bowl and Miss Universe pageants all happening recently, it seems like my friends and I have just used this as an excuse to make a feast of snacks to eat while we watch. The Oscars are no excuse, so here is a list of themed foods to binge eat while watching.
For some fancier fare, here is a list of more gourmet Oscar party snacks
And last, I stole this from Kathleen's link list on Friday, but I love these fun movie party hacks. I'm sort of obsessed with those chocolate dipped potato chips!
Shamefully, Boyhood was the only Best Picture nominee I saw. But it wins the award in my book! Happy Oscar Sunday!