Guest Post: Things I Love

Hey all! Kathleen here, taking over Annie's blog for the day! I always love the opportunity to guest blog for Annie and today I am giving you one of my favorite series from my blog, "Things I Love". "Things I Love" is a great way for me to share all the things - posts, outfits, recipes, etc.- from around the world wide web that I am currently reading and swooning over. Enjoy all these links on this Friday and let them be a distraction from all the things you don't want to do!

 Movie Viewing Hacks - also great ideas for an Oscar Watching Party!
 Seeing lilac
 Would love to throw a chocolate & wine tasting party

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13 Make-Ahead Breakfasts, shocking that this recipe for Cranberry Orange Granola stood out to me (just call me granola-obsessed)
 10 Dinner Ideas (one of my absolute favorite food blogs)
 For all the working girls

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How To: Make A Killer Cheese Plate (important life lesson!)
 Perfect way to please the chocolate and fruit lovers for dessert
 and on a more serious note

Have a great weekend! I will be doing some of my favorite weekend activities- sleeping in, taking a Barre3 class, eating great food, drinking wine, spending time with those that make me happy!
Until next time,