Where I Want to Be

image via A Life Well Lived
I want to be on a patio overlooking a lake, as the sun is setting, eating an amazing dinner, with people I love.
image via Off Beat and Inspired
I want be tucked away in an orchard, eating scones, drinking hot coffee, soaking in the nature around me.

image via Lexington Company 
I want to be eating outside, drinking red wine, warmed under a blanket, and gabbing about how great life is.

image via Non Conspiracy Orchestra
I want to be snuggled in cabin, with a fire roaring, playing board games, thinking nothing could be better. 
Do you ever see pictures like these and imagine what your life would be if you were there? I love the inspiration that can come from one simple image. All of these photos make me warm and fuzzy inside when I envision what my life would be if I were in the picture. They all portray fall weather, family, good food, laughter, and happiness. With thanksgiving around the corner, I can't wait to be in a place like these. I'm anxious to be snuggled up at my parents house, with leftovers busting out of the fridge and having all the people I love around me.