Bites of My Life

Short week, short week, short week!! Then home for Thanksgiving, then two weeks of school after that, then home again for Christmas break. I'm sorry fall semester where did you go? The reality of only having one semester left of college is more a reality than ever, and let me tell you I'm more
terrified than I thought I'd be.

Along with having an unplanned short week last week because of our snow day, I cooked a lot, celebrated a lot, watched a friend get engaged, had great almost last game day as a student and ended the week with my usual quinoa fried rice. This time I enjoyed it paired with a glass of wine catching up with a good friend. 
-Soft boiled eggs and gingersnap tea on my snow day! Soft boiled eggs=officially the hardest thing to peel. 
-Took a snow walk to the local grocery store/deli for for the lunch portion of my snow day! Half a rueben and gumbo.
-And to round out the snow day meals, a double batch of my Crock Pot Verde Turkey Chili for a hungry crowd of my best friends! 
-Y'all these Pecan Pie Bars from last week. You just have to make them. P.S. they would make a great better sub for pecan pie on your Thanksgiving table! Dad personally requested I make another batch and bring some home this week, I know what I'm doing today!
-Chicken with Grapes and Figs from Dash and Bella made for a more sophisticated Tuesday dinner than usual. 
-My Big Brothers Big Sisters 'little" and I have now been matched for more than a year so we've been able to make some traditions of our own. One of them is making those little turkey brownie bites decorated with Mike & Ike feathers and lots of chocolate frosting. 
-Brussels sprouts, kale, dried cranberries, walnuts and some park made for an easy fall-like lunch.
-Last girls night of the semester.
-Irish Coffee round 2 for an early/rainy game day in Norman. 
T-minus 3 days until Turkey day!