A New Approach to Graphic Tees

Graphic t-shirts are back and not in the way we wore them in 6th grade. I used to get the Delia's catalog in the mail and open straight to the center fold where the double page spread of graphic tees were located. My favorite usually had Hello Kitty on them. I think I've mentioned my past Hello Kitty obsession, if not, it was a thing, I was obsessed. Annnnyway...you knew you were cool if you walked down the middle school halls with your Abercrombie boot cut jeans, Junk Food graphic tee, lace cami hanging out the bottom and either Uggs or Seychelles ballet flats!
The whole graphic tee thing has re-emerged in a chic way.  To veer away from the lace cami, Hello Kitty shirt look, I'd style my graphic tees today with cutoffs, patterned pants or under a jacket or vest. 
1) J.Crew Tout Va Bien 2) Zara Eyeliner 3) Old Navy Cest La Vie 4) Sincerely Jules Donut 5) Wildfox Tea Time 6) Old Navy Audrey Hepburn 7) Zara Printed V-Back 8) Old Navy You, Me, Oui! 
I kid you not, I tried a graphic T on in every store on M St. this weekend and came home with two (#1 and #2) in my suitcase. Thoughts on the reemergence of graphic tees? Hate it, love it or make you think too much of the awkward middle school years?