D.C. Diary: The Conclusion

It's been a week since I've been home. I'm not going to lie, it's nice to be home, but not a day goes by that I don't think of something in D.C, get reminded of something, or feel like I'm missing out on things going on in the city. I'm super busy in the muck of sorority recruitment, so luckily I have that to keep my mind preoccupied.

I drug Anna and Emily to July's Truckeroo. It's a food truck festival at the Bullpen outside the National's stadium. It was a beautiful night with live music, drinks and food trucks for days. I chose the crepe truck! I ordered my veggie crepe while a tub of Nutella bigger than my head stared me down in line. 

Continued perusing the streets of Georgetown to find my dream house.

Loved getting to show Kathleen Barre 3 Georgetown! We took two classes over the weekend and loved obnoxiously matching. 

Visited Union Market for the second time. Sampled yummy treats, shopped around and...

...happened to visit the same day DC Scoops was going on! An ice cream tasting event with all different local ice cream vendors!

Shopped around in the fabulous Salt and Saudry inside Union Market. A unique home goods store filled with locally made goods, specialty foods, glassware and cookbooks. 

Finished our day at Union Market outside at the picnic tables enjoying the beautiful day. 

Checked walking the monuments at night off my D.C. bucket list. If you visit D.C, you have to go see these beauties at night.

Everything is more grand and aw worthy under the moonlight. 

I was surprised by the amount of people there at night, but now I know why. 

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge WWII memorial fan, but it looks sooooo cool at night. 

Climbed up and around to snag a pic with the home state!

From dark to light, the monuments are cliche, one of the coolest things in D.C.

Our last morning, we woke up at 5:15 to watch the sunrise! I loved seeing runners go by, stop in front of the Washington, take a picture, then run off. Locals still find beauty in their city. 

The cutest little housing building on GWU's campus I stumbled upon on our way back from the morning at the monuments. 

I'm going to miss my little walk through the farmer's market after work on Wednesdays. 

If you follow me on insta you know my food grams are slightly out of control. They only heightened in D.C. and I then made it a goal to get regrammed by @dcdining. It happened a few times and it sadly would make my day every time.

My goal is to make brunch much more of a thing in Norman. My Saturdays and Sundays lived for brunch. I can't claim this as mine, but my friend's eggs chesapeake were too pretty not to take a pic of. Toasted baguette, crab meat, poached eggs and hollandaise. 

The Matchbox cinnamon rolls finally happened. I followed them with the egg frittata making it one of my favorite brunches. 

Quinoa, asparagus arugula goodness. 

Smoked Salmon Pizzetta at Kafe Leopold. 

Nutella for days at my favorite ice cream shop.

Seared Tuna salad at El Centro for lunch with my fellow interns and boss. 

Our spread at Birch and Barley officially made it my favorite restaurant in D.C. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere and the fact that my sis was there made it one of the best!

Came home with two bags of Hippie Crack. Oh how I will miss you Baked and Wired. 

Colorful add-ins to my mediterranean bowl at Cava Grill. 

A much anticipated meal. 

After a slight run-in with peanut butter, it was necessary to wash it down with a cone of pistachio ice cream. Pistachio has quickly become my favorite ice cream flavor. 

A boozy blondie, just like me. Totally kidding, but this blondie was delish. 

Bruschetta to start our italian feast at Lavagna on Barracks Row.

Two bowls of pesto pasta for the table, because sometimes you just need a big bowl of pasta. 

A loaded plate after going through the Famers Fishers Bakers buffet line. Highlight was the bruleed grapefruit. 

A plate of biscuits and cinnamon rolls for every table at brunch. Plates of benedict, pizza and sushi also went by. It was an array of fabulous food. I'll be honest, it was delicious but I like my brunches heavy on the breakfast and it leaned more toward lunch. 

Homemade crab cakes, slaw and corn alfresco. I love a good meal outside. 

Tried my first Acai Bowl. I went for the "Coco Bowl" with strawberries, bananas, coconut, and acai juice, all topped with granola. It was basically and overpriced smoothie bowl I could make at home, but it was worth it. 

Free 'secret' flavor Georgetown Cupcakes. This was post-dropping the box head first, but hey, they were free. 

A farewell breakfast at First Bake. My Egg in a Nest consisted of two eggs nesting inside chili cheese bread topped with hot sauce of course. 

The epitome of my summer internship. Doing anything to get the perfect instagram shot, I constantly asked myself how this could really be work. 

My social media creeping came back to bite me in the butt when my co-workers made me match names with instagrams of people from the office at my going away party. I worked with some of the best people around that I miss so much.

My two SCOUT sidekicks. 

A little Nutty Professor shake at Ted's Bulletin to round out our summer in D.C.

To D.C,

Thank you for allowing me to live in your city for a summer, make memories I'l never forget, eat your amazing food that is better than any other city (you can mark my word on it), have the best internship that was more rewarding than I could have ever imagined, and for making it the best summer of my life.