Bites of My Life

11:59 p.m. bites post coming atcaha, still managed to get it up before Tuesday rolled around! My posts will still be few and far between for just a little bit longer. The second I came home I jumped headfirst into sorority recruitment. With days going from about 7:30 a.m. -11:30 p.m. its hard to find energy to exert into a blog post. I had to get my weekly bites post in though, even though it is awful sparse. Enjoy the random bits from my first week back at home!
-A touch of SCOUT to spice up the kitchen at my cutie new house! Say hello to our Trash Cache in Varsity Blues (my favorite pattern from the new collection).
-Me and my favorite gal. Just doing a little late night reading in my cozy new bed!
-Great to be back with these chickadees.
-A surprise visit from the Super Juice truck to keep us healthy and energized during the long days of work week!
-Get ready for the overload of food posts that are about to happen this year. Having my own kitchen is a wonderful thing. First up, my family's notorious cobbler recipe.