Bites of My Life

Summer official came and went. I could gab for hours about how fabulous it was, but I think I've already covered that. Today is the last bites post with D.C. pics. It's the most bittersweet feeling being home and knowing my summer is over, but now it's time senior year and all that this year holds! 
I have one more D.C. Diary post in store and I can promise it's not the last you'll hear of my favorite city!
-Homemade crab cakes, coleslaw and corn outside on a beautiful Monday night. 
-Trader Joe's=cookie butter, which=me finally purchasing cookie butter and becoming utterly obsessed with it. A spoonful of cookie butter, dunked in granola makes me slightly weak at the knees. I brought a whole jar home with me. 
-Fulfilled my camo craving and pulled the plug on these Wamo Camo inspire crops from Lululemon. 
-Seeing the monuments at night sounds kind of touristy but it was highly recommend as something I must do. I think it was my favorite thing I did all summer. They look so much more grand in the moonlight. View from the side of Lincoln looking at the Washington with the capitol peeking around the corner. 
-When you work about 5 steps away from Georgetown Cupcakes it's just nonsense to not take advantage of their secret free flavor. Each day they make a secret flavor cupcake then tweet about it allowing the first 100 customers a chance at one if they mention the secret flavor. We stood in a semi long line in the rain Wednesday morning for free cupcakes. Worth it, until I dropped the box right on it's head...
-Took my last B3 Georgetown class on Thursday with one of my favorite teachers! Stole this pic from Kerry's insta to share! Going to miss Kerry, KQ, Vicky, Courtney and Stevie! Until next time!
-Cooked a delicious meal from the components inside this little box! Stay tuned for a full post on what it is and how I did it! 
-After the monuments at night, the monuments by sunrise were still a must! Anna and I woke up at 5:15 on our last day in D.C. to see the city in all it's glory. It was wonderful, but my favorite thing was seeing all the runners run by, stop right in front of the Washington, snap a pic, then run off! Even the locals still find beauty in their city!
-Last day breakfast at FFB's First Bake with my intern bestie! Scrambled eggs with bacon, Bird in the nest (in their chili cheese bread) and warm chai tea! I'll miss you Farmers Fishers!
-Not legit SCOUT employees till you get your t-shirt!
-The best summer with these two crazies! The most bittersweet last day full of presents, Baked and Wired treats, silly games, and sad goodbyes:( Wish more than anything I was walking into the East Wing this a.m.!
-Home Sweet Home and you all know what that means, food. Homemade burrata for a side along side short ribs, corn on the cob, and cantaloupe proscuitto appetizers! 
Can say firmly it was the best summer thus far. Filled with unforgettable experiences and memories. I'm home now, moved into my Norman house and start recruitment work week this afternoon. Goodbye summer, you were too good.