Cooking From Scratch

I'm about to tell you how I used the contents in this box, to make this...(see below)

Brined Chicken with a Strawberry Basil Reduction and Zucchini Cakes topped with Yogurt Dill Sauce.
ScratchDC is a company serving up hand-prepared dinner kits that come "chopped, measured, marinated, and delivered ready to cook!" Perfect for working parents, newlyweds, busy professionals or those who typically get lost in the kitchen. Also perfect for foodies spending their summers working in DC:)
I first heard about Scratch when my boss came into work one day raving about the meal she had for dinner the night before. Her roommate owns a cafe/coffee/wine bar that is now a retailer for Scratch. They tested out the product and decided it was good enough to sell in his store.
Scratch sells their kits through retailers or delivers them to you office, home or doorman. After reading up on it, I knew I wanted to try it out. They have a different meal every Monday-Thursday and provide the menu to order from for up to two weeks. This cute brown box was delivered right to my office desk completely prepared for me to take home and cook up in about 40 minutes!
Scratch was started by foodies who have a passion for quality meals and awesome ingredients. Each kit is hand packed daily with pre-measured containers including everything you need. They even give you olive oil and salt and pepper. All you need are a few pans and kitchen knives.
Step-by-step instructions lead you through each dish. The kits serve two people. That being said, you could definitely stretch it two three people, we had tons of leftovers. They only thing is one person will be left out from the two chocolate chip cookies that each kit comes with to finish off your meal! How sweet is that! 
I wanted to test the product and make sure my meal turned out exactly as expected. I made sure to follow the instructions closely, especially the part where it says pour glass of wine while you wait 10 minutes. 
It really can't get easier that dumping pre-portioned containers into a bowl to be mixed up in to a gourmet dish.
The zucchini cakes cooked up quick and easy. Just heat a little oil in a pan and drop about three to four large spoonfuls of the mixture. Flatten them out and let them brown, give them a flip and they are done. 
This strawberry basil sauce was out of this world. I was licking the bowl and wanted to put it on everything. It was made from chopped strawberries, a little OJ, coconut oil and chopped basil. It was the cherry on-top of the meal!

I mean, I can't even tell you how amazing this meal was. I have strict plans to recreate this meal at home, so I will be sure to post the recipe. It won't be as convenient as using Scratch's kit but I'll see how it goes. If you are in the DC area you must give Scratch a try. This is another amazing Washington novelty I wish I could franchise to Oklahoma! 
Thank you to ScrachDC for the chance at letting me try your amazing product! Read more about their food and how it works on their website and Facebook page