Bites of My Life

The past two weeks have been filled with lots of blue, sorority songs, catching up with friends, getting settled, and celebrating the few days between recruitment and school starting. 
I personally don't mind school starting. I like having a routine to stick to and reasons to be organized. I love things the school season brings. Football games, sweater weather and in the words of Kathleen Kelly, bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils.
-Got to escape a few hours of work week to make my favorite sugar cookies.
-Kappa cookies for treats during our alumni/skit night!
-Pistachio, almond butter, white chocolate and orange liqueur rice crispy treat! Yes that is all packed into to one treat and sis brought it back for me all the way from San Diego!
-When a friend offered to buy all the ingredients for omelets as long as I showed her how to make one, I quickly obliged. 
-Loved getting to do my last recruitment week with the best PC around! Go Kappa!
-Cutie cups for the new house! 
-Loved exploring around the new West Elm in Classen Curve. Way to go OKC, now if we could just get a Trader Joe's, Zara and H&M....wishful thinking.
-A fresh coat of paint for my new room. Full bedroom tour to come!
-Can't wait for more breakfasts like this. Love having roomies who also enjoy things like coffee, breakfast foods, sriracha and smoothies. 
-A day of laying out and dinner at my dear friend's parent's house!
-Only good things went into this Saturday night salad. Avocado, dried figs, red onion, prosciutto and basil.
-To rap up my two weeks of bites; a back to school dinner with my Kappa family! Parmesan baked chicken with arugala salad, sautéed summer squash and watermelon feta salad!
Today is my last first day of school, hello senior year!