D.C. Diary Part II

Time for the second installment of D.C. Diary. I've seen, explored, discovered and eaten, so first let's take a look at the food. 

Co-workers who bring there leftovers go to the top of my good list! Kudos to Melissa for this awesome flour less cake she brought to work leftover from her anniversary dinner!

Brain Food Friday is now up and running in the SCOUT offices. Healthy snacks every Friday to keep us energized and working hard. Whole Foods' juices for everyone!

Due to the mass amount of tex-mex I eat at home, I have tried to steer clear of Mexican food in DC. I didn't have much of a choice when I ended up at Tortilla Coast a couple of weekends ago. I'm not much of a quesadilla person but these shrimp dillas reeeeeealllllly hit the spot. 

Luke's Lobster. Best lobster roll, hands down, ever. 

Dolcezza's pistachio and espresso gelato was the perfect cool down treat while exploring Georgetown. 

Best brunch ever. Three words-southern. gospel. buffet. Sweet Georgia Brown's might be in first place for the better meals I've had in D.C. Their brunch is buffet style consisting of homemade waffles, french toast, jambalaya, grits, an omelet bar, and an assortment of southern desserts. The experience is accompanied by a just as fabulous jazz band. 

Founding Farmers was amaze, but we finally got a reservation at Farmers Fishers Bakers (their sister restaurant) to see what they had to offer. The list of eight buck salads had my attention. I'm cheap and like salad. The fried brussels sprout blue cheese salad might not look like much but it sure did taste good. 

Here is a look at the gnocchi shrimp scampi. Another FFB staple, ordered by two of my roommates, so I obviously "took a bite." 

A black bean burger with a watermelon feta salad on the side. Such a random combo to offer at a sports bar but RFD's in Chinatown knows what's up.

Mom and dad came in town last Friday so we first met up for a drink and some apps! These pub pretzels with our waitresses "special" sauce were the perfect happy hour treat. 

After happy hour we headed to Clyde's of Georgetown for dinner. To start we dug into the crab stack.

I ordered the cippino for my main, a combo of mussels, clams and halibut in a spicy tomato sauce. I can't help but order fish when it's on the menu. 

To finish off Friday night's dinner it was strawberry shortcake and the brownie sundae (not pictured). 

I had to show off Good Stuff Eatery to my family so village fries, spikes sunnyside and a toasted marshmallow shake did the trick. 

Hello Good Stuff.

First course at Mesekerem in Adams Morgan. Beet salad, Meskerem salad and sambousa.

Our massob platter. Lamb, chicken, beef, curries, potatoes, tomatoes you name it, all pilled up on authentic Ethiopian injera bread.

Now for some none food related pictures. My collection of these are quite smaller because I tend to only take pictures of my food. I need to work on getting my priorities straight...hmm well we will see.

Jazz in the Garden. $6 sangria, live jazz and a beautiful scenery. Every Friday in the sculpture garden. Why is D.C. so good?

Exploring every in and out of Georgetown. I think I will call you home.

I mean it's just too cute.

A visit to Union Market. It might be hidden in the middle of nowhere, but it is a hidden gem of food wonderland. I went with the shawarma salad bowl after making about three laps to decide what I wanted.

I loved playing tour guide for mom and dad! 

Eastern Market in Capitol Hill.

Final stop, the view from the deck of the Library of Congress. Dear D.C. I love you, in case you didn't know.