Home sweet H&M home goods! See what I did in the title their? The H and M are capitalized cause I'm punny and stuff. 
Anyway, have y'all seen the home department at H&M? It is goooood! I knew they had a home line, similar to Zara's, but I hadn't checked it out yet. I was happy to find out the H&M in Georgetown was fully equipped with their home goods. The thing is, although I walk by the store everyday I had yet to go inside and see it because whoever does their window displays decided to put their least beautiful (nice term for ugly) things in the window, totally causing me to turn my nose up and keep walking by. 
That was until my ultra fabulous boss was raving about the line, so I figured I'd actually step inside the store this time. Complete 180. Everything is white, cream, bronze, silver, black or some shade of pretty. 

I wish I was staying in D.C. for a more substantial amount time so I had a reason to decorate my dorm with all of the H&M pretties! Unfortunately that's not the case. But, I do have my cutie house in Norman waiting for my return. Not to wish away the summer or anything, but it is time to start getting some things together for my house back home. 
I think I can pretty much guarantee that the silver bin, marble tray and one of the throw pillows will be getting shipped home from D.C. to Norman!
You must go check out all of the goods they have online, and if you are near an H&M with the home stuff in store go see for your own eyes! Oh, and did I mention how insanely cheap everything is? And by cheap I don't mean the quality. Their products are still constructed perfectly, but they also have the perfect price tag!