See, Eat, Do Charleston

As you probably know, last weekend I was in Charleston with mom, dad and middle sis. The town was a little different then I expected. That's the first thing, it's a town not a city, it's tiny. Although, it is the most charming little place with cobblestone roads, colorful houses and the streets filled with horse drawn carriages. The town seemed to be full of older couples vacationing there or college kids roaming the streets in oversized t's and nikes or Lily Pulitzer dresses. It was funny to see the mix, but it made it unique. 

Per usual Tucker vay cay, it was all about the food. We made it to Charleston with only dinner reservations and didn't have plans for anything else. It was nice being able to just make up our plans as we went. We shopped on the infamous King Street, took a carriage tour, walked the palm tree lined streets, and ate a lot. Mom and sis and I wondered through the College of Charleston campus on our last afternoon. It was so preppy and we all agreed we felt like we were in an episode of Gilmore Girls. Below is more of what we saw, ate and did in charming Charleston.

-The houses in Charleston run perpendicular to the street with two or three story porches called piazzas. These porches allow for the winds to run through them and cool down the houses in the heat of the summer. 
-The houses look like they are out of a coloring book. They are all pink or yellow or blue etc. with wrought iron fences and painted shutters. Even the buildings on the campus look this way.

-Excuse the overload of pictures. I felt the need to show you almost every meal I had. 
-My favorite dinner was at Peninsula Grill. I had the grouper with the shaved brussels sprout salad and almond brown butter sauce. We finished the meal with their famous 12-layer coconut cake. Apparently it is Bobby Flay's favorite dessert.
-Other dishes included the duck confit salad at Cru, ricotta gnocchi at FIG, chicken and waffles, biscuits with whipped honey butter and the southern traditional dish of she crab soup at Poogan's Porch and brioche french toast at Hall's gospel Sunday brunch. 

-While dad caught up on some March Madness, I may have led mom and Kathleen on a hike through Charleston to find Sugar Bakeshop. I had read so much about it and wasn't leaving till we found it. The tiny bakery crammed people in, but I patiently waited for my pistachio cupcake.
-We also stumbled apon the cutest specialty market right off King Street. I had read about Caviar and Bananas but it was even better in person. I have a week spot for specialty food stores. 
-Mom is apparently an Instagram queen but we introduced her to Snapchat on the trip...don't kill me for posting this Kathleen.
-We were also able to walk every where which made eating carb heavy dishes at every meal seem somewhat okay. 

It was the best little long weekend trip and I highly recommend the city! It was fun playing southern belle for a few days!