Bites of My Life

Spring break is over, but I'm back with a spring in my step! Nothing better than the weather changing, flowers blooming and getting to switch out my winter clothes for spring clothes! After a few days relaxing at home, I left Wednesday for a little viva in vegas with my best friends for our last spring break! 
Vegas is another world and will always be a mystery to me, but for a just a few days it was an absolute blast! Highlight of the trip was when Brody Jenner sat down for dinner 5 feet away from us while at Tao on our last night. Ultimate celeb sighting and crush! After a great trip I came home with a full tummy, my skin one shade darker and hilarious memories I'll never forget! 
-Green things in honor of St. Patrick's day. 
-Amazing lunch at a local coffee shop. 
-Made it to Vegas and went straight into vacation mode. Cheers to this toasted coconut colada!
-Senior spring break with all my best gal pals!
-When in Vegas, be as obnoxious as possible with tacky tourist visors. 
-Can check kissing dolphins off my bucket list!
-Our attempt at getting a picture with Brody Jenner...the dark mood lighting killed the vibe and he is just a black blob in the back. 
-Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel on our last day. My love for french food grew even more with my mushroom, kale and brie crepe. Must recreate asap!
-Came, saw and conquered Las Vegas. Excuse me while I sleep for the next three days to catch up!

Bites of My Life

A week filled only with food pictures. This isn't unusual just kind of cracks me up and makes me wonder if I should reevaluate my priorities...nah! This is bites of my life after all. 
Last week was a weird one. The week before Spring Break is always a rough. Midterms hit, but everyone's productivity is out the window. Any sort of test or paper thrown into the week is just bound to fail when the only thing on our mind is spring vacation. With the additional craziness that was happening on campus this past week, you can imagine how distracted we all were. 
I'm happy to be finally be on break now have been and enjoying a little bit of a "staycation" before I head off to Las Vegas on Wednesday! Now enough chatter, let's take a bite of my past week!
-Polenta Huevos Rancheros for Monday night dinner while watching the finale of The Bachelor. Recipe was based loosely off this
-Al fresco eating is just about my favorite thing, happy this time of the year is back!
-Was treated to my first zoodles experience when my friend cooked them for me last Wednesday!
-Got home on Friday and headed straight to Organic Squeeze. I highly recommend the Muscle Westbrook smoothie, it helped balance out all the chips and queso and ice cream I had the night before...
-Most of our friends have already head off on vacation, but my partner-in-crime Melissa and I really packed in quite the day on Saturday to make sure we were having just as much fun at home. First stop of the day was to OKC's food truck park for pizza and green beer. 
-Next stop was at R&J's Supper Club for some tropical beverages. We pretended we were at the beach for a quick second.
-Last stop was at The Pump for a "snack." A bloody mary with all the fixings is pretty much equivalent to a snack.
-The weather on Sunday was too good to be true. A day spent outside and the inauguration of spring cooking was our only choice. Kale pesto scallops and veggies topped off the day!
I'll be absent the rest of the week so I can really enjoy my time off. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch in the meantime!

See, Eat, Do Charleston

As you probably know, last weekend I was in Charleston with mom, dad and middle sis. The town was a little different then I expected. That's the first thing, it's a town not a city, it's tiny. Although, it is the most charming little place with cobblestone roads, colorful houses and the streets filled with horse drawn carriages. The town seemed to be full of older couples vacationing there or college kids roaming the streets in oversized t's and nikes or Lily Pulitzer dresses. It was funny to see the mix, but it made it unique. 

Per usual Tucker vay cay, it was all about the food. We made it to Charleston with only dinner reservations and didn't have plans for anything else. It was nice being able to just make up our plans as we went. We shopped on the infamous King Street, took a carriage tour, walked the palm tree lined streets, and ate a lot. Mom and sis and I wondered through the College of Charleston campus on our last afternoon. It was so preppy and we all agreed we felt like we were in an episode of Gilmore Girls. Below is more of what we saw, ate and did in charming Charleston.

-The houses in Charleston run perpendicular to the street with two or three story porches called piazzas. These porches allow for the winds to run through them and cool down the houses in the heat of the summer. 
-The houses look like they are out of a coloring book. They are all pink or yellow or blue etc. with wrought iron fences and painted shutters. Even the buildings on the campus look this way.

-Excuse the overload of pictures. I felt the need to show you almost every meal I had. 
-My favorite dinner was at Peninsula Grill. I had the grouper with the shaved brussels sprout salad and almond brown butter sauce. We finished the meal with their famous 12-layer coconut cake. Apparently it is Bobby Flay's favorite dessert.
-Other dishes included the duck confit salad at Cru, ricotta gnocchi at FIG, chicken and waffles, biscuits with whipped honey butter and the southern traditional dish of she crab soup at Poogan's Porch and brioche french toast at Hall's gospel Sunday brunch. 

-While dad caught up on some March Madness, I may have led mom and Kathleen on a hike through Charleston to find Sugar Bakeshop. I had read so much about it and wasn't leaving till we found it. The tiny bakery crammed people in, but I patiently waited for my pistachio cupcake.
-We also stumbled apon the cutest specialty market right off King Street. I had read about Caviar and Bananas but it was even better in person. I have a week spot for specialty food stores. 
-Mom is apparently an Instagram queen but we introduced her to Snapchat on the trip...don't kill me for posting this Kathleen.
-We were also able to walk every where which made eating carb heavy dishes at every meal seem somewhat okay. 

It was the best little long weekend trip and I highly recommend the city! It was fun playing southern belle for a few days!


Bites of My Life

I'm home and spring break is officially over. People say, "it's always good to leave and it's always good to come home." I'm usually one who's excited for getting back into a routine of things, but this time I'm not ready. My carb loaded vacation diet can end, but does the relaxation have to?
As usual, when I'm home that means lot's of cooking and eating. Before we left, I was in the kitchen as much as possible. Besides pictures of cutie Charleston, all the pictures I had from the past week were of food. Look forward to some recipe posts coming up!
{Spring Break Food Bites}
 -A yummy green smoothie to start St. Patricks day right. I posted the recipe here.
-Homemade niçoise salad later that day for lunch. I'll be posting the recipe later this week and explain what exactly this salad is if you are unfamiliar. 
-First baked good to come from my new KitchenAid! My "Pot of Golden Raisin Irish Soda Bread." The recipe for this bread got posted last week.
-Final meal on St. Patrick's day was steak and shrimp kabobs done by dad and israeli couscous and Ina's Pesto Pea Salad made by mom and I. We had to serve this salad, not only because it's our favorite, but because of all the greens. I think I've mentioned before how I like celebrating holiday's with the appropriate food.
-Leftover soda bread was the base for my avocado toast. Avocado toast is all the rage if you didn't know and it is for a reason, it's dang good. Smashed avocado mixed with a little salt then sprinkled with red pepper flakes.
-Tuesday night Kathleen highlighted my hair (don't worry we do it all the time) and made me this delish sweet potato meal. Check out the recipe on A Peony For Your Thoughts.
-I bought dad an at-home brew kit for Christmas. It was a little more than we bargained for and spring break was the first available time we could devote enough attention to do it. This picture shows pouring the sparge through the mash to create the wort. Does that sound like gibberish? Ya it did to us to, hence why our beer may be borderline poisonous after its 4 weeks of fermenting, but we are going to let it do its thing and hope for the best.
-Last week I got some really exciting news about my summer plans, so the only appropriate way to celebrate was with a burger. Urban Johnnie is a must if you live in the OKC area. Order the Johnnie the Greek Burger and the buffalo dum dums to start, you won't be disappointed. 
Thursday morning the fam and I hopped on a plane to (LAX) Charleston, SC. Charleston is much smaller than I realized, but still has the good perks of a big city! We ate tons of southern food, took a carriage ride, walked the city and still did lots of relaxing. Here are a few pics to tide you over until my full post tomorrow. 

{Charleston Bites}
-After dinner coffee at our hotel bar while our good buddy Calvin entertained us with some southern jazz.
-Chicken and waffles with spicy blackberry syrup from Poogan's Porch.
-Charleston looks like a coloring book with its pink, yellow and blue houses!
-When in Charleston, eat food named after the city.
Back to the grind!
xo annie