Bites of My Life

This is my 130 post and 30th "bites" post! It's been 30 weeks of taking a bite out of my life!
I've been trucking along in the library studying for finals. I only have two exams this week, so the light load is making things less stressful. 
Last Thursday an ice/snow/winter mix storm came in leading to class being canceled on Friday. This was the first time I haven't wanted snow day. It's hard to enjoy a day off when everyone is in finals mode and still studying all day at the library. 

{Bites from last week}
-Goodie bags of my favorite homemade snack mix packaged up to hand out as study snacks! (recipe tomorrow)
-A warm cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie to get through the afternoon at work
-The real snow outside was too cold, so one of my roommates and I opted for fake snow to play in.
-Second weekend at the pop-ups! The little igloo village was a site to see after it had been blanketed in snow!
I'll finish up with school this Friday then I'll be home for a whole month! I have lots of baking plans and a fun internship lined up. More on that later.
p.s. if you didn't see my "distractions" post last week, it is the perfect study break if you are hard at work during finals week too!
xo annie