Study Snacks

Currently writing this post in the library instead of studying. This still counts as productivity in my book!
I'm a big snack girl. Snack foods are my favorite kind of foods. I put together a list of my favorite snacks, all of which are relatively healthy and perfect for helping you get through those long hours of studying. 
1. Coffee. A study sesh isn't complete without some form of caffeine. My current go to at Starbucks is a grande soy latte. The soy gives it enough flavor without added syrups.
2. Apple slices and almond butter is my #1 favorite snack. Healthy and keeps you full!
3. Homemade granola. This is my favorite recipe. Homemade allows you to control the amount of aded sugars. We always have a container in our pantry at home. I eat it by the handfuls.
4. Kind Bars. I recently discovered these and I'm in love. Their blueberry vanilla & cashew flavor is too good! This is my regular snack at work to tide me over between lunch and dinner.
5. Pistachios. I'm usually an almond girl, but my mom had a huge bag of pistachios in the pantry over Thanksgiving break, and I rediscovered my love for them. They are a more low calorie nut so you can have almost twice the serving size compared to other nuts.
6. Homemade snack mix. This stuff is like crack so if you make it I warn you to portion it out into small snack bag sizes. Last week I made bags of it to pass out to all my friends as a study snack. I'm giving you the recipe because it is just too good! p.s. it makes a ton, so like I said portion it out or give lot's away!
Homemade Snack Mix
yields a huge brown bag full
1 Box of Wheat Thins
1 Box of Cheez-Its
1 package of pretzels
1 package of oyster crackers
1 package of Quaker oatmeal cereal
1 package of dry ranch dressing mix
1 cup of vegetable oil
1 tsp. garlic salt
1 tsp. lemon pepper
1 tsp. dried dill
Combine the dry ingredients in a paper grocery sack. Mix the seasoning in a small bowl. Pour the seasoning over the dry ingredients. Roll up the top of the sack and shake until the dry ingredients are completely covered.
Here is another list of some some good and healthy study snacks!