Things That Are Distracting Me

I tend to have a problem of getting easily distracted when I try to study. With final exams next week, I have found several things to keep me distracted from studying.
If you sitting in the library right now, first off you aren't studying either because you are reading this post, so second, go ahead and spend some extra time away from the books and read what I'm being distracted by.

-Mashups of the best songs from 2013 by Daniel Kim and DJ Earworm. Some great study music in my opinion.
-What is your true color aura? I'm a pink, what are you?
-17 productive ways to spend 5 minutes. All are better options than 5 minutes of studying.
-The December issue of Matchbook Magazine was released this week!
-11 of the most ridiculous Kardashian Christmas cards.
-Gift guides by The Everygirl (this one, this one and this one), Julia, Liz and Danielle.
-Lastly, Scandal. I started watching last week which was a terrible idea. I'd rather watch Scandal than do anything else. I'm already halfway through season 2.

xo annie